How to Preserve And Reuse Your Silk Wedding Bouquet

Weddings are expensive. You get a one-day tux rental, a venue that you have to leave before 11 pm, and a dress you only wear once (hopefully). Then, when you get back from your honeymoon, the flowers your mother-in-law saved for you are already dead and withering away.


Unless, of course, you went with silk flowers.

On top of being easier and more durable than regular flowers, silk flowers can be repurposed to brighten your home. They can be there when you get back from that honeymoon, and for the rest of your life, of your most special day!

Check out this square artificial wreath with the bouquet attached. It makes the perfect frame for the picture of your first kiss as bride and groom.

If you don’t have a green thumb, but love having flowers in a vase, we have your back. Just put them in a tall or short vase depending on where they’re displayed.


For instance, if the vase is next to a lamp, it’s best to make sure the design is below the lamp shade.

Follow this tip and you won’t have to wait until your next anniversary or your husband to mess up to have beautiful flowers in the house.

Maybe you’ve already claimed all the space on your buffets, bookshelves, and side tables. You can still go back to the wall and use your space there with a decorative wall pocket.

Just find the right spot, and hang your wall pocket. If you’re the type to rearrange rooms a lot, using Command Strips could save you from a lot of extra holes in the wall.


If you spend all that time and money on your bouquet, why not get something that would last a lifetime?

For more inspiration, check out some of these ideas on Pinterest.

If you’d like to find the bouquet that fits your wedding, check out some options here.

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