Using Greenery to Enhance Your Silk Bouquet

Looking to add volume to your wedding bouquet? There’s a simple way to make that happen: greenery. A little greenery goes a long way at enlarging your bouquet and adding dimensions.


Below are some examples of how you may use greenery to make your bouquet larger and show up better against your dress! This is highly recommended if your flowers and dress are the same color. Framing the faux flowers works the same as framing a picture.

If you want a rich, dark contrast, this is the look for you. This bouquet has been framed with an artificial dark maiden hair fern bush. It’s a great look for any season.


If you need a lighter shade to match the look of your wedding, try this idea. A light green artificial fern brightens the bouquets while adding volume.


To have a stark contrast, use a large silk hibiscus leaf. The dark, full leaves will help your flowers stand out against your dress, especially if they’re the same color.

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