About Us

Since 1985, Silk Scapes has served the Indianapolis area as a well-established floral design and home décor business. Our new online shop allows us to bring our 35 years of experience to businesses and brides across the country.

Our large selection of silk flowers and accessories allows us to bring you a high-quality product at a great value. How do we do that?

  • Experienced Designers: Our designers have years of experience and an eye trained in floral aesthetics. They are ready to work with you one-on-one to get the right package for your needs.
  • Customizable Options: As a small business, we have the flexibility to work with you to find the perfect arrangements and designs for your needs.
  • Customer Service: We are a family-owned business with a friendly staff. We rely on our service to set us apart from big box stores, and we strive every day to fulfill that promise.

Sure, you can go get a cookie-cutter package from another big box online retailer. Then, when something goes wrong, you can deal with customer support whose only goal is to get you off the phone.


You can let us help you find the right package that fits your needs. If something goes wrong (we’re only human), you’ll be working with a team that is empowered to fix the problem, whatever it takes. We recognize that we rely on our customers more than they need us, and we treat every customer that way.

How To Shop With Us

Check out our options in the shop now section. Look around and see what options we have. You can shop there by color, category, or type.
Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? Go here to customize your order. There you can work with one of our designers to find the perfect arrangement for you!

Please, contact us if you have any questions or if we can be of any assistance.

The people here are phenomenal. They are polite kind and super helpful. As a delivery driver I am used to being treated like a second-rate low class citizen, but not here at Silk Scapes. If they are as quite, kind and helpful to a delivery driver you can only imagine how they are to their customer. I would highly recommend purchasing from them. I would have to say they are one of, if not my most favorite delivery stops. Thank you so much Silk Scapes employees for the fine work that you do.

I made all of my wedding bouquets, centerpieces, and decor with things I purchased here! My wedding turned out great and everything looked perfect thanks to the gentleman at the shop who helped me when I was purchasing all of the floral pieces! The flowers here are so much better looking than the ones you can buy at craft stores. I highly recommend doing your shopping here.

This place has everything you could ever need in arrangements! I don’t know his name, I’m assuming he’s the owner, was literally the sweetest and was so very helpful with not only picking out flowers, but also with tips and tricks on creating your own arrangements. I was so excited about what I’d found there I put all 6 of my bridesmaid’s bouquets together in one day and am in love with them. Would recommend Silk Scapes to anyone!